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Small business

What do we do?

DWZ® offers complex advisory services in the field of small and medium business management. Especially, we assist foreign companies, which would like to register and commence their business activity in Poland or which would like to find a partner for a cooperation in our country. Our services include:

founding and registration of business units,

public - law obligations in business activity,

business - authority relations in Poland,

role of trade unions in private companies in Poland,

searching business partners (matchmaking),

assistance in the preparation of contracts for business activities,

specifics of trade negotiations in Poland (business customs and conventions),

mediations in business cases.

Our offer can also be directed to Polish customers who would like to create or restructure their companies. Appart from the aforementioned services, we can also offer:

restructuring and transformations of enterprises,

sanative and repair programs.

Furthermore, we assist larger companies in the completion of the specific operations in the abovementioned activities as well as in the organization and conduct of other ventures of specific type.