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About us

DWZ® (Consulting In Management) is a consulting company, which provides complex advisory services in the 3 main fields:

health care management,

small business management,

culture management.

Major rules of our activity are:

flexibility - in case of each customer we are trying to fit our offer to the individual requirements and expectations in a maximum possible manner;

focus on a common success - the purpose of our work is to make everybody, whom we cooperate with, achieve essential profits.

In particular we direct our offer to foreign firms, which decided to broaden their area of work and to enter the Polish market. Various regulations in different countries and a diversity of markets make the establishment of a branch in other country difficult. DWZ® comes to help such firms.

DWZ® was founded in September 2000. This company is totally owned by a Polish citizen. The years 2001 and 2002 were very intensive ones regarding development of our company, which was further continued in the next years.

The DWZ® name and emblem are a verbal and graphic trademark protected Original document English translation in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland in accordance with the Act of 30.06.2000 - Industrial Property Law (Ustawa z dn. 30.06.2000 r. Prawo własności przemysłowej, Dz.U. z 2003 r. nr 119 poz. 1117 z póĽn. zm.).

We hope that in the time when economic situation puts companies in face of a necessity to function in conditions of more and more strong competition and when attracting and than maintenance of the customer requires more and more sophisticated means, the offer of DWZ® will be particularly helpful for you.

We invite you to the cooperation with us!